Mohale reveals it all about Somizi’s abuse

indafrica August 4, 2022
Updated 2022/08/04 at 7:30 PM

The much anticipated Showmax tell-all special, “Mohale: On The Record” has dropped and media personality Mohale Motaung spills the beans on his failed marriage to Somizi Mhlongo.

While a lot has been said about the former couple over the years – Motaung gives his account of what went down in a sit-down interview with news anchor and radio host Aldrin Sampear.

South Africans were first introduced to Motaung when he became the love interest of Mhlongo. Later, the two became Mzansi’s poster couple with their first-of-its-kind same sex wedding special “Somizi & Mohale: The Union”, which earned them a South African Film and Television Awards nomination.

But it wasn’t long before the cracks in their relationship started to appear and now Motaung fills in the blanks in the explosive tell-all special and after being the main topic on “Living The Dream With Somizi” season five.

The special sees Motaung take control of the narrative by having his family share details about his upbringing and who he really is and was, before being attached to the “Sarafina” star.

He doesn’t hold back during the tell-all as he unpacks the highs and lows of his public relationship.
While he was a hot topic on “Living The Dream with Somizi” season five, Motaung told Sampear that he didn’t watch the reality show that he was once a part of.

In fact, Motaung was shocked that his name was mentioned in the show as legal documents bound the two from speaking about each other on such platforms.

Motaung refutes that he was a “fan”’ in Mhlongo’s life, as he was made out to be by Mhlongo’s daughter Bahumi Mhlongo during the reality show.

Musician Vusi Nova, who once made it clear that he wasn’t a “fan” of Motaung and only tolerated him because of Mhlongo, is someone that Motaung said he only met three years into his relationship with Mhlongo.

“I was particularly shocked because I didn’t spend much time with Vusi and I think Vusi came over to the house three times when I was there. So I wasn’t sure how he reached a conclusion to say he didn’t like me,” said Motaung on the tell-all.

Another friend who seemed to be in the former couple’s corner is Thami Dish, who Motaung now revealed is no longer friends with Mhlongo.

Motaung also addressed the time when Mhlongo wanted to bring another person by the name of Orlando into their sexual relationship and said he was left shocked as they had just gotten engaged.

When asked by Sampear if this was not a red flag for him, Motaung shared that at the time he overlooked the red flag because he was “in love”.

Motaung revealed that he didn’t want to go public with their relationship but was persuaded into doing certain things when it came to their relationship.

He explained that there was a “thin line” between being “controlling and firm” in the relationship.

But not all was bad between the former couple as Motaung said he felt safe with Mhlongo and loved the fact that Mhlongo would make time for him despite his busy schedule.

When it comes to the abuse allegations that were revealed in a leaked audio, Motaung refers to that period as a dark time in his life.
He speaks of an incident that took place following a work trip which turned violent.

“He came upstairs, I remember he had a bottle of champagne in his hand. I was trying to get out of the clothes that I was wearing and he started spilling on me and with my trying to find out what was going on, he started beating me up.”

“His main aim in everything, I remember him saying that he needs to mess up my face because this beautiful face is messing things up for him. I remember having to cover up my face as the shoes he was wearing were really going to damage my face.

“He started hitting me in the ribs… I crawled down the stairs,” said Motaung.

Discussing one of Mhlongo’s most popular friendships with TT Mbha, who he has since had a falling out with, Motaung said it was because the two “cooked up a plan” for Motaung to not get a job with the production company, Ferguson Films.

“A big reason why Somizi and TT Mbha are not talking is because I lost out on work because Somizi asked TT to speak to certain people and told them not to hire me,” said Motaung.

He confirmed that Mhlongo had sent him to Ferguson Films with a fake story to mess up his chances of him getting the job.

When it comes to that explosive leaked audio Motaung acknowledges that he was aware of the conversation being recorded.

He participated in the conversation because he was speaking to the then executive producer of “Living The Dream with Somizi“, who he regarded as a “brother” at the time.
The former executive producer wanted to find out why he wasn’t participating in season five and wanted to report back to the channel with his research.

Motaung admitted that he was happy with Mhlongo until “certain things started to happen”. He said he was controlled and constantly reminded that he brought nothing to the table except his “pretty face”.
Motaung denies wanting half of Mhlongo’s assets and alleges that Mhlongo is the one who suggested the joint split.

Motaung said he just wanted his clothes, his vehicle that was damaged and his share of their wedding special payout.
“Mohale: On The Record” is currently streaming on Showmax.

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