Qwabe twins finally speak out on dating each other and marriage

indafrica August 5, 2022
Updated 2022/08/05 at 8:56 AM

The past few days have been filled with pictures of one of the Qwabe twins getting married at a lavish ceremony.

The Qwabe twins have always honged the limelight in as far as their dating lifestyle has been concerned.

During their time at the S.A Idols competition they made headlines after passionately kissing on stage, after that their sexuality and relationship status was always questioned.

Speaking about their relationship status at the time, the pair said they were not dating anyone else and they were okay just being by themselves but did not say they were in a sexual relationship together.

They revealed that they grew up together and were prepared to soend the rest of their lives together even get married to the same man.

Well as people grow up and mature a lot begins to change, one section of the pair is officially off the market.

Speculation that was circulating on social media was that the two got married to each other, well that’s not the case only one of them is officially married.

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