See How many family planning pills Unathi takes a month

indafrica August 5, 2022
Updated 2022/08/05 at 3:59 PM

That much? Watch as Unathi Nkayi shows how many family planning pills she takes in a month.

Unathi Nkayi ‘s love life had not been the best so far since she divorced from ex-husband Thomas Msengana in 2019. Despite breaking, things have not been perfect, but now it seems like things are back on track. After the divorce, Unathi was so heartbroken and in depression that she had to take alcohol as a solace.

Despite taking quite some time to heal, Unathi is now in her best mood, psychologically, mentally and even physically.

A few months ago, Unathi hinted at a relationship with Kaylow after she shared cosy pictures on social media.

Fans noticed the couples’ unusual poses, and rumours broke on the internet. Since then, nothing ever came out regarding Unathi’s love life or potential boyfriend rumours.

One would argue or suspect that Unathi is taking an extended break to find someone again. However, that is not true; Unathi only keeps her business private as she goes public on how many family planning pills she takes a month.

Unathi Nkayi shows how many family planning pills she takes a month.

Probably Unathi is taking more family planning pills than many married women in Mzansi. We may be tempted to find out the guy making her take that much, but the bottom line is that Unathi is currently getting busy in the bedroom. Don’t get it twisted; she is so happy about it and goes public.

Sharing o her Instagram status, Unathi showed a bunch of family pills she had just restocked. She said that she was used to refilling only for three months, but they now gave her a stock enough to take her for a year. It is clear that Unathi had been a constant customer they had to reward with such a favour. Mixed reactions flowed from all corners of Mzansi, with fans wondering who is the lucky guy.

Probably Unathi will be coming out soon to reveal the man who is making him a top customer of family planning pills.

couple is partying ways. Unathi spoke at large about how she saw unacceptable content that her then-husband had been sharing with an unidentified woman. Despite the divorce, the two remain co-parents of their kids and are doing reasonably well.

Since then, Unathi has not confirmed any relationship with another man, but the rumour mill has that she is deeply in love with Kaylow after he confirmed a relationship.

Only time shall tell if there is anything meaningful between the two musicians.

Watch video Unathi Nkayi showing how many family planning pills she takes every month

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