Female Soapie actors who were forced to quit their jobs by husbands

indafrica August 6, 2022
Updated 2022/08/06 at 7:25 AM

When a person marries, a slew of alterations take place in their life. You no longer care about yourself, but rather your partner or family as a whole, therefore you no longer put yourself first. No longer do things for your own benefit, but for the benefit of everyone else.

Husbands come in all shapes and sizes. Those who want their wives to stay at home and work for their families are in the minority; the majority prefers women who are self-sufficient.

The following celebrities had to suspend some of their work because their wives weren’t feeling it.

Sonia Mbele

Leslie Sedibe, a businessman and CEO of Leslie Sedibe Inc Attorneys, was the actress’s husband and co-writer. During that time, Sonia portrayed Ntombi in the SABC1 television series Generations.

Sbusiso Dlomo was Ntombi’s husband (played by Menzi Ngubane). There were many people who admired the two performers’ on-screen chemistry.

They formed a deep bond as a result of working together. Afterward, Sonia left her job and recently said that Leslie was unhappy with her Generations behavior and her closeness to her colleague while married.

Enhle Mbali.

When Enhle got married, her acting career was flourishing. She seems to have shifted her concentration away from performing and toward other endeavors after getting married.

Because to Black Coffee’s disapproval of her love scenes with other actors, the actress claims that she has been unable to secure work and has seen her salary drop. Enhle, who recently split from her husband, has returned to the small screen.

Mercy Johnson

Prince Okojie is the husband of the Nollywood actress. Mercy was already a well-known actress when the pair married in 2011.

Mercy revealed in an interview that after her marriage, she had to quit pursuing acting jobs, especially romantic roles, because they made her spouse uncomfortable and unhappy. The actress has recently appeared in the majority of comedies.

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