Nkosiyabo Cele to officially take Ayanda from Malinga and marry her

indafrica August 7, 2022
Updated 2022/08/07 at 9:30 AM

After three months of a blissful affair with business magnate Nkosiyabo (Muzi Mthabela), Ayanda’s (Samela Tyelbooi) conscience kicked in and she left him recently.

Now her focus is rekindling that fire that got turned to ash with her hubby Detective Pele (Andile Nebulane).

Ayanda was getting a little bored in her marriage, and although she didn’t seek out to have an affair with her boss, the thrill of a bad boy like Nkosiyabo overpowered any discipline she had.

Nkosiyabo and Ayanda spend a lot of time together at work and they were attracted to each other, the affair was bound to happen. He’s a powerful man who isn’t afraid of taking risks.

Looking at the men Ayanda dated in the past, Nkosiyabo is her type.


Pele is no fool and after discovering his wife’s cheating, he demands that she prove it’s over.

He knew that something was up, but not this. It’s caught him by surprise. And it hits Pele so hard that his mind starts playing tricks on him.

He loses it and goes into a very dark place. He starts spinning out of control at work and he is adamant that Ayanda prove her loyalty now.
Over at #Ezweni, Nkosiyabo thinks that he’s in luck and has gotten away with his evil ways. But he’s wrong when Ayanda walks into his office and closes the door.

This arrogant man thinks that she’s succumbed to his irresistible charms again… but that’s not the case,” Muzi shares. But she’s there to resign… under duress.

What Nkosiyabo doesn’t realises is that Ayanda isn’t just quitting for her and Pele.

Her daughter Nontle (Buntu Petse) found out and is devastated. Nontle is hurt and shattered by her mother’s infidelity.

Nontle doesn’t know how she will ever be able to forgive her mom. Nontle asked her mom a month or so ago if there was anything going on with Nkosiyabo and she said “no”.

Nontle makes it clear to her stepdad Pele whose side she’s on. Her trust in her mother is destroyed.

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