Qwabe twins spark controversy with new pics after wedding

indafrica August 12, 2022
Updated 2022/08/12 at 7:51 PM

Siblings are our lifetime partners, our soulmates. But they do not compare to being a twin. Sharing a womb with someone.

The bond is far more greater than that of siblings. Some even feel each other’s emotions.

That’s why in some cultures when one of them passes away, they must perform rituals. The hurt is like looking a part of you.

The Qwabe twins are amongst some of the most talented vocalists in the country. They become famous after starring on Idols SA. They love each other so much that people thought they were more than that.

One of them is rumoured to have gotten married last week. From the videos it was a beautiful ceremony.
The twins shared a breathtaking picture of themselves.

They are posing in an intimate pose that is mostly done for couples. In their case we understand the relationship.

They have each other’s back for life. Their fans couldn’t stop gushing over them.

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