Mr Kgomo targets Melita after failing on Celia

indafrica August 13, 2022
Updated 2022/08/13 at 10:02 AM

What in the world happened? Mr. Kgomo, did you change your mind about Melita

I wouldn’t be surprised if he offers Melita a job and expects something in return. Paxton needs to throw another stone at him to bring him back to reality.

The job market can be brutal at times. Phuthi losing out on a job opportunity recommended by the interview panel due to executives like Mr Kgomo is extremely demoralizing and upsetting.

Why does Melita appear to be done with Mr Kgomo before she could even start working? Will Mr Kgomo be able to recover, or will Melita triumph?

Mr Kgomo stated that he would call the successful candidates and email the unsuccessful candidates. Why did he call Melita instead of emailing her? It was Celia now it is Melita.

Manaka, Rosina, and Lizzy all failed Principal Thobakgale. I had not expected her to be fired.

I hope Alfred does not get promoted; he certainly does not deserve it. I just hope they introduce a new character to burst Magongwa’s happy bubble.

Magongwa believes he is already Principal, but he forgot to apply and attend an interview with other candidates.

I feel sorry for Orí dating someone who is more concerned with their phone than with you is draining. Because they are emotionally unavailable, you feel alone when you are with them.

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