Riky Rick’s Wife Bianca Naidoo Shares His Last Words To Her

indafrica September 2, 2022
Updated 2022/09/02 at 5:09 PM

Riky Rick’s Wife Bianca Naidoo Shares His Last Words To Her. It’s been six months since the tragic passing of rapper and entrepreneur Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado.

He left behind his family, wife Bianca and their two kids. For the first time, Riky’s family has spoken out in a candid interview with SABC news about how they have been coping.

Asked how she is coping, Bianca shared how every day has been different. “Some days are easier than others. I cope by having such an amazing support structure around me and also the kids give me a lot of strength. The days that I’m not okay, I allow myself not to be okay,” she shared.

On how she deals with questions from hr kids around their father’s passing, Bianca shared that there has not been a lot of questions because she has been open and honest with them from the beginning.

“I’ve been very open from the get go, from the first day about what happened to dad. With the kids I speak a lot, I listen a lot. They are now comfortable in expressing themselves and they are both processing in their own ways.

They know if they have questions around that they are able to come and ask and talk about it and I think they are both are there. It’s just about me being honest,” Bianca said.

Bianca shared how important days like Father’s Day and Riky’s birthday have been the hardest to navigate. She went on to share about their last conversation and his last words to her.

“The Sunday before we had like a five hour conversation. The most beautiful conversation about everything, just life, us, kids, the way he was feeling…. just everything.

That conversation has given me a lot of peace because any questions or doubts were spoken about in that conversation. I did speak to Riky to early parts of that morning as well.

Not at any point did I think or feel… cause his last words in that conversation were, ‘I’m on my way home’ and ‘love you’,” Bianca shared adding that she didn’t get concerned because he would often stay late in the studio.

In hindsight, Bianca shared how Riky’s last words to her and his last tweet made sense. “He was basically saying he’s on his way home.”
On what she would love Riky to know, Bianca said,

“He knew how much we loved him. I think that was very clear. I’d say it over and over again. I think right it’s just that we miss him a lot.”

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