Pics: Dakalo Molope ‘Mo’ from Scandal is a Sangoma in real life

indafrica September 3, 2022
Updated 2022/09/03 at 4:07 PM

Young South African actress Dakalo Molope who is famously known as Mo from Scandal, is a Sangoma and African doctor in real life.

The actress recently debuted her acting career on prime television on Scandal, taking on the role of the beautiful but problematic Motshabi, who is Dintle’s daughter. She was fast dupped one of the next big things on South African television with her acting skills and effortless beauty.

Dakalo Molope as Mo in Scandal
Dakalo Molope takes on the role of Mo, a teenager who debuted as a troublesome and problematic kid on drugs and always getting drunk.

However, she seemed obsessed with Dintle and would stalk her at the most inconvenient of times, like at the restaurant or showing up drunk at her place. However, she opened up about her mommy issues and earned the attention of Dintle to agree and make her a guest on her show, where Mo spilt her big secret.

Mo is Dintle’s child she gave up for adoption 14 years ago to Erin and Tino for adoption because she could not take care of her on her own.

After many fights and running away from home several times, Mo finally gets to live with Dintle, but she starts bullying her little sister. Layla and Dintle finally had to sit her down and talk to her so that the issues that caused her to act out could be resolved.

Dakalo Molope is a Sangoma
The young actress, who is still doing her grade 11, is a Sangoma in real life and has done all the rituals that qualify her as a traditional practising doctor. Dakalo shares a lot of videos on her Tik Tok that show her on her Sangoma duties with other sangomas doing their rituals and celebrations. The actress was initiated at the early age of 15 to practice this, and she loves helping people.

Many celebrities have the calling to be sangomas, and they practice publicly charging for consultations.

Dakalo joins the long list of celebrities who are sangomas like Letoya Makhene , Dineo Langa , Dineo Ranaka and many more. From the pictures, she shares her family supports her work and stands by her for honouring her calling from her ancestors.

Even though many fans believe that Scandal is her first acting role, it is not, and Dakalo has been cast in another production before.

Molope played the role of Lebo in a Showmax drama serial called Pearls of Wisdom, and Scandal is only her second role. She also makes a living as a choreographer and has a presenter as part of the many craft she can do as an entertainer.

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