Scandal! Jojo walks in on Winnie breastfeeding his son

indafrica September 8, 2022
Updated 2022/09/08 at 1:19 PM

Scandal viewers keep wondering when the storyline of Mbali and her lies will finally come to an end.

For months now Mbali has been controlling Jojo and her whole family with her lies hoping to secure her place in the Kubeka family.

At first Jojo managed to catch Mbali red handed in snake park when she had lied to him that she’s from a rich family.

Now one more lie and with Winnie staying under the same roof as her the secret is at a bigger risk of exploding.

Winnie has been breastfeeding Nkanzimulo and bonding with him it’s now difficult for her to let go.

Tonight Winnie will go to Mbali’s bedroom with the intentions of helping her with breastfeeding the baby but they will run out of their luck as Jojo walks in unexpectedly.

Will they get away with it as usual or they will be caught this time around? Catch all the drama on etv every weekday at 19.30

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