Durban Gen: Sne’s unborn baby dies

indafrica September 16, 2022
Updated 2022/09/16 at 11:59 AM

Soon-to-be mom Sne has been to hell and back at the hands of her abusive husband Dr Dhlomo . And when she finally plucks up the courage to pack up and leave him, her mom talks her into going back to Dhlomo for the sake of her baby.

Sne was in a very bad place because by now everyone knows that she’s a victim of abuse. She feels exposed, vulnerable and naked, but most of all she feels ashamed. However, Sne is forced to think twice after she’s asked to consider how her child’s life would pan out if she leaves Dhlomo.

This ultimately leads to Sne putting her child before herself and returning to the manipulative Dhlomo. But he has more plans for his wife: He wants to isolate her from the people who love and care for her and who want her to get out of the toxic marriage.

After losing his temper yet again with Sne, Dhlomo beats her within an inch of her life. Sne is admitted at Durban General where she receives the worst news of her life. Did Dhlomo just kill their unborn child with his ruthless ways?

Because of Dhlomo’s actions she loses the one thing that’s dearest to her. She’s surrounded by solitude now and the only question that remains for Sne is if there will be a life for her after she just lost everything.

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