Qwabe twins attend Reed dance as v!rgins?

indafrica September 18, 2022
Updated 2022/09/18 at 11:51 AM

Today, September 17th, 2022, the well-known musical artists Qwabe twins were seen at the reed dance being held at Enyokeni in Nongoma.

The first reed dance, also known as Umkhosi womhlanga, performed by King Misuzulu ka Zwelithini, the newly crowned Zulu King of amaZulu.

Reed dance guests were treated to a performance by one of the most well-known artists, who also attended the event.

The Reed dance was a complete and utter success despite the fact that there were risks present. As a result, Buzabazi and his brother had the intention of putting a stop to the event and seizing control of the Enyokeni.

Both the King and the Prince of Khangela expressed interest in holding the event at the Khangela amankengane.

On the other hand, the event was a success. The reed was given to the King by the virgins who were present. This is awareness to eliminate the diseases that are affecting the youth as well as to emphasize abstinence and prevent teenage pregnancy.

It is also awareness to eliminate the diseases that are affecting the youth.
There were some people who took exception to the idea that twins could be virgins.

They are not required to pass judgment on other people. You do not need to go to reed dance in order to maintain your status as a virgin.

The general population holds a variety of opinions. Som people criticize the twins, while others praise them. Check out the comments.

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