Skeem Saam Predictions: Khwezi’s baby die after fight with Pretty

indafrica September 19, 2022
Updated 2022/09/19 at 7:08 AM

There can never be two Queens in one castle. One has to go or else there will be constant war.

Khwezi is moving in with Lehasa and Pretty this will only end in tears it won’t end well.

As according to September and October teasers Khwezi will try to seduce Lehasa to get into bed with her.

Once Pretty finds out about Khwezi’s ulterior motives the two who are already enemies will probably engage into a serious fight which might result in Khwezi’s baby dying.

Lehasa will be furious at Pretty and this will cause a huge strain on their relationship they might even break up but as we all know these are soul mates they will make up and move on with each other.

Already there is speculation that Khwezi is not carrying Lehasa’s child. The Child in Khwezi’s belly probably belongs to Judge Mavimbela whom she had an affair with.

Let’s wait and see the drama unfolds.

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