Kelly Khumalo speaks on Sister having affair with Senzo Meyiwa

indafrica September 21, 2022
Updated 2022/09/21 at 3:54 PM

Kelly Khumalo has discussed the status of her connection with Zandie Gumede (née Khumalo), her sister.

The astonishing assertion that she and her sister Zandie had an intimate relationship with the late footballer Senzo Meyiwa precedes this.

Last Thursday, when attorney Tshepo Timothy Thobane, who represents four of the men accused of killing Meyiwa, said that the late goalie had slept with both Kelly and Zandie Khumalo, there were audible gasps in the North Gauteng High Court.

Zandie, Kelly Khumalo’s sister, moved in with her and her boyfriend. Senzo Meyiwa allegedly asked Zandie out after giving in to his carnal urges. Sister of Kelly Khumalo allegedly consented to the unlawful relationship. Attorney Thobane stated:

According to a witness, Kelly recruited Zandie to live with them to watch over Senzo while she engaged in music-related activities. I put it to you that the same witness will appear and give testimony regarding Senzo griping about Kelly’s methods and having a guard around him. That witness will affirm that Senzo ultimately had a sexual relationship with Zandie as well, despite Kelly’s extended absence.

As a guest on Kaya 959, Kelly Khumalo confirmed that she and Zandie Gumede had patched things up by speaking with Sol Phenduka and Dineo Ranaka.

In retrospect, the divorce was a blessing in disguise, according to Kelly Khumalo. She uttered:

We’re all right. Actually, we are very good. We probably needed that brief respite. Knowing that losing one’s sense of self when one is too close to another can be detrimental for an individual, I now believe that was something that was necessary. It had to take place.

She had to find herself outside of me, and I had to find myself outside of her, and now that we are coming together, our separate worlds—which we each currently maintain—are merging into one vast one.

The Khumalo sisters had a long-running dispute. After Kelly issued a statement denying involvement in a scheme that Zandie’s husband Mhlo Gumede was reportedly complicit in, their dispute came to light.

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