SkeemSaam: How Khwezi will win back Lehasa’s heart

indafrica September 21, 2022
Updated 2022/09/21 at 7:25 AM

In Skeem Saam, Lehasa is a well-known businessman. He also owns skeem saam businesses in Gauteng and Limpopo.

Lehasa Maphosa, who is presently living with the gorgeous Seakamala and is madly in love with her, conceived Gasela Khwezikazi, who had recently stabilized him.
Lehasa Maphosa is in love with Pretty, but he also cares about Khwezikazi Gasela since they will be parents together.

Will pretty prevail in this conflict? Khwezikazi is more dangerous than that. And she has repeatedly threatened Pretty, who has since lifted the protection order against Khwezi, making it easier for Khwezi to harm or threaten Pretty.

Lehasa has pledged to look after and protect Pretty, but it appears that the unborn child will be on his mind while Khwezi is preoccupied with her mind tricks.

Next on Skeem Saam, Kat must take the bitter pill of the truth from his ex. Mosebjadi surprises everyone by acting in a play. Lehasa makes a request in relation to the gathering of the families, but things don’t go as planned.

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