Brother and Sister? MacG and Dorothy from HOZ related?

indafrica September 22, 2022
Updated 2022/09/22 at 9:28 AM

Over the years, people have observed that the entertainment industry occasionally produces talented families, with some families dominating both international and local stages.

Examples of many families in the South African entertainment sector include the Mbathas, Khumalos, and numerous others. A lot of people are talking about podcasts and Chill with MacG, and actress and director Brenda Mukwevho has also been making headlines, leading some to question if she is connected to MacG Mukwevho, who hosts the former.

The Venda-speaking entertainers Brenda Mukwevho and MacG Mukwevho have piqued the interest of Mzansi, who wants to know if they are biological relatives. Explore further to find out if the two talents are related in reality.

The actress and MacG like to keep their private lives and families out of the public’s eye.

The actress gained notoriety when she was cast as Lufuno Mukwevho in the renowned Venda serial Muvhango till her character was slain. On the Muvhango set, the actress developed some directing abilities.

She gained the knowledge she required from this to transition to the crew working behind the scenes. She has held the post of primary director on Mzansi’s most popular soap opera, Uzalo, for many years.

Brenda went on to helm Rhythm City, My Perfect Family, and numerous other films. She is now seen in House of Zwide as Dorothy, a maid.

Are MacG and Brenda Mukwevho related to one another?

The two celebrities don’t like to show pictures of their families online. Social media, however, has attempted to piece together their relationship and has determined that they share surnames. The Venda people have the surname Mukwevho, however they are not family relatives.

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