SK Khoza now dating old white woman?

indafrica September 22, 2022
Updated 2022/09/22 at 9:44 AM

Are you after her money? Questions were raised by SK Khoza’s odd behavior with a white elderly woman in a video.

Mzansi was left wondering as controversial actor SK Khoza danced to Big Zulu’s Ivolovolo with an elderly white woman.

Even though SK Khoza was frequently in the headlines for the wrong reasons, he persisted. It seems like SK is making use of his bad PR as he continues to acquire additional contracts.

After being dismissed by The Queen for abusing his fiancée, SK makes a comeback on the big screen with The Black Door. SK Khoza enjoys playing the villain both on and off the set.

Why should he be worried if his activities support his ability to make a living off of acting?It is now challenging for fans to believe SK whenever she is surrounded by the woman because of the stigma that has been developed around his name.

In actuality, it is improbable to think that SK would be a good person with morally righteous objectives. A recent bedroom videotape he produced with a known woman further damaged his reputation.

In addition, SK uploaded sexual videos online that featured the half-naked woman. After SK shared a video in which he demonstrated the Ivolovolo dance to an older white woman, his fans unanimously agreed that he wanted to bed the woman.

SK Khoza initially sang the hit song Ivolovolo by Big Zulu by himself.

SK Khoza initially sang the hit song Ivolovolo by Big Zulu by himself.
The 36-year-old actor did gentle actions while the elderly woman stood in front of the camera.

After a few steps, the elderly woman decided to dance with the famous actor despite the fact that she had never danced before. SK saw the chance and began to demonstrate how to move her legs and torso.

After a few futile attempts, they danced together as the elderly woman seemed to be picking up the steps.

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