Jojo finds our Uncle John is his biological father?

Jojo just found out Uncle John was his biological father when the lawyer came to read his will.

After a Facebook user named Velaphi claimed that Uncle John is Jojo’s biological father, the comment section erupted. Uncle John is Nomvula’s brother, and we know him from the farm. According to what we know about the Kubeka family, Nomvula is Jojo’s mother.

Uncle John recently moved in with Jojo, claiming he needed to take care of some business. Jojo later discovered that his uncle was involved in murder, which did not go well when Jojo decided to report his uncle to the police.Uncle John took matters into his own hands and held Phakhamile and Dintle hostage until Tebello and Nqobile arrived to save the day.

When the cops arrived, Uncle John decided to release Dintle and Phakhamile and leave with Jojo until Uncle decided to commit suicide.

Before Malume died, he advised Jojo to respect his own family, particularly the elders. Uncle John blames Jojo for everything that has happened to the Kubeka family, including Zenzele’s arrest and his parents’ departure.

The issue raised Scandal fans’ eyebrows when one comment stated that it could be true and the storyline will be good, especially since we know from the beginning that Jojo’s father, Vukile, always prefers Dudu over Jojo.

Vukile has always believed in Dudu, claiming that she is the only person capable of running the company, not Jojo. As a result, fans were led to believe that Uncle John was Jojo’s biological father.

A few days before Jojo was claimed as Uncle John’s son, a social media user claimed that Jojo was not Kubeka’s heir; he was adopted. As we continue to watch the stories on etvScandal unfold, if they are true, it will be scandalous…

Since the appearance of the Kubekas on our screens, the Uthuli waste has been plagued by problems. Although Jojo is the only one dealing with the issues, some believe he should make things right for his family Zenzele and his parents to return and deal with everything as a family.

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