Kwaito from Skeem Saam reveals how his parents were killed by Witchcraft

Clement Maosa, best known for his role in Skeem Saam, has openly discussed the difficulties he faced during his adolescence, which were marked by the death of both of his parents and the upheaval of a family war.

The philanthropic actor has previously spoken about his upbringing, revealing that he became an orphan in his adolescence and was raised by his grandmother.

Clement recently shared on Instagram his belief that jealousy may have played a role in his parents’ health issues and subsequent death shortly after a grand wedding celebration.

He shared a photo of his parents on the day of their engagement celebration, expressing his feelings about the occasion and the events that followed.

“This was their engagement celebration before the wedding, and shortly after the celebration, they both began having health issues, and they both died a year later.”

“I was young, but I heard all kinds of accusations/allegations about what caused their deaths from everyone, community members, family, church people, and just passers-by, and as a teenager, I was confused.”

Because everything happened so quickly, we didn’t even have time to grieve or mourn… “The only solution was to relocate with my siblings from that village, turn off the noise, and start over,” Clement explained.

Clement expressed his lingering belief that his parents would still be alive if they hadn’t had a lavish wedding celebration, despite the fact that he is still in the process of healing from the aftermath of his parents’ death.

“Healing is a process, and no one can predict when or how it will occur.” For some strange reason, the fact that two domestic workers who had already been written off were now emerging in business and had a white wedding in the village did not sit well with many.

I used to believe that if they hadn’t married and had a big wedding party, they would still be alive… In any case, it’s all in the past. “All I’m doing now is rewriting history.”

Clement’s Instagram comments section was flooded with messages of love, light, and continued healing from industry friends and fans.

“What a strong, great young man you turned out to be,” actress Ayanda Ncwane said. Yes, the wound does not heal completely when your loved one died at the hands of another human. Everything is fine!” “You are their dream come true,” actress Nomsa Buthelezi added. “May you be blessed.”

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