#EtvScandal Tlhogi gets pregnant with Sonka’s child

One thing about the etv soapie Scandal is that it truly lives up to its title. The scandals keep unfolding every time.

Its always scandal after scandal after scandal, now that the uncle Dan and Uncle John storylines have been dealt with, viewers will now focus on Bridget’s mom who is a reverend caught up in a money scandal.

The most interesting one is that of Tlhogi, who is reportedly pregnant with her ex’s child.

Tlhogi, a former model, decided to blow off some steam with her ex-boyfriend, who is in town for a short period on work assignments.

Sanka and Tlhogi dated a while ago when she was still actively modelling but broke up, and years later, he is back.

The two rekindled their chemistry as Tlhogi is vulnerable and feels ignored in her marriage. They slept together, and fans are predicting that she will fall pregnant with Sanka’s child.

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