Onalerona fired from House of Zwide

The glittering façade of success and family unity in the South African TV series “House of Zwide” is suddenly shattered by a shocking revelation. By secretly delving into the world of matric dress designs, Onalerona, a key character in the show, has unwittingly set the stage for a tumultuous turn of events.

The House of Zwide, a prominent fashion empire where family ties intertwine with the high-stakes world of fashion, is central to the plot.

Onalerona, a member of the Zwide family, was poised to carry on the renowned fashion house’s legacy. The Zwide family appeared to be a close-knit unit managing a flourishing business, with her uncle Molefe and devoted boyfriend Neo contributing to the familial synergy.

Onalerona’s World Collapses

Onalerona faced the consequences of her actions in a moving scene. Funani, her father, was forced to make a difficult choice between familial ties and a sense of betrayal.

Onalerona was fired from the family business, witnessing the demise of both her professional and personal lives. This shocking revelation shook the House of Zwide, straining relationships and leaving viewers wondering about the future of the once-thriving fashion empire.

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