Uzalo actors Nonka and Kwanda expecting their first baby together in real life

Nobody is going to put a stop to the romance between the Uzalo actors. It appears that the hot passion between Uzalo’s Nonka and Kwanda has overflowed onto the set.

According to sources close to the stars, whose real names are Thuthuka Mthembu and Sandile “Masandi” Mfusi, they are actually together, dating in real life.

“It didn’t take them long to fall in love. It happened soon after Masandi joined the show,” said the source.

“They are in love, but they want to keep it private because they don’t want it to affect their work. They don’t want the public to know.”

However, the couple has been showing off their love to those they are close with.

“After attending a colleague’s funeral over the weekend, Thuthuka posted their photo on WhatsApp and wrote ‘boyfriend and I’,” said the source.

Another source stated that Thuthuka and Masandi were taking steps to ensure that their relationship would not interfere with their work.

“They are remaining professional. This couple is madly in love. “What they are doing right is not bringing their love life to work,” stated the source.

According to a third insider, the duo’s real-life friendship also helped them nail their tale.

“It’s easy for them to play being lovers as they are romantically involved. Everyone in the production knows. And, most of their colleagues are happy for them. They are good together and almost the same age.

“Thuthuka also loves the fact that Masandi is a churchgoer. He’s a man of God and is not a player.
“And, Masandi loves the fact that Thuthuka is a focused young lady,” said the source.

Called for comment, Masandi laughed and said he had no comment.

“Hayi, I have no comment,” he said.
Thuthuka also declined to comment.

Other sources are allegingly reporting that Thuthuka Mthembu is pregnant in real life; nothing concrete yet reveals if the speculations are true.

The actress has not yet revealed it since she is too private. We will continue believing these rumours until a reliable source confirms them.

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