‘Zahara was poisoned’… Dj Sbu blamed for death

Last night, fans of Afro Jazz musician Zahara were shocked after receiving news that she had passed.

The Eastern Cape musician died in hoapital after suffering liver and lung complications.

Prior to her death, Zahara’s family came out to speak that the guitar maestro was poisoned by a family member who was jealous of her success.

Events leading to her death were nothimg short of drama as her family was barred from visiting her in hospital.

Zahara’s fiancé attacked her family claiming they were forcing him to take care of them yet they were involved in the poisoning of the singer.

Meanwhile on X (Twitter) South Africans have decided to blame it all on businessman and musician Dj Sbu.

This after DJ Sbu allegedly defrauded Zahara of her earnings at the time when they worked together on loliwe and Lengoma.

Dj Sbu is being blamed for driving Zahara into depression and alcoholism after she suffered a financial crisis.

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