Actress Letayo Makhene almost died after lesbian husband hit her

The pair was in grave danger of becoming statistics in South Africa’s startling increase in gender-based violence following the violent altercation that took place at Keswa’s mother’s home in Mohlakeng on the Westrand two weeks ago.

Keswa obtained a protection order against her cousin at the Randfontein magistrate’s court on August 26 as a result of the unrest.

Keswa claims that the gun incident resulted from a disagreement with the cousin regarding who owned their grandmother’s house, which had recently been given to Keswa’s mother, who had also lately died away. The weeping Keswa conveyed how the fight had upset their routine of mourning and made them fearful for their lives.

Keswa described the cousin’s ongoing harassment while she was staying at the contested house to grieve her mother’s passing.

She claimed the cousin was attempting to claim the property now that both her mother and grandmother had died.

It is said that the cousin, who had not been involved in family matters, has returned and is now interested in the inheritance. Keswa has hired a 24-hour VIP security crew for protection in response to the cousin’s acts.

The relative declined to answer when pressed for an explanation, saying, “My sister, just do the story and leave me alone,” and brushed off more questions.

The events that were transpiring illuminated the nexus of familial conflicts, personal tragedies, and the growing problem of gender-based violence in South Africa.

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