#etvScandal: C Jay discovers Uncle Dan is his father

It’s a plot twist as it isn’t clear who is the father of Cee Jay. According to his uncle Dan, he was dropped by the door step by a woman who apparently was dating his brother.

This all comes as Uncle Dan fights for the house which has been inherited by Cee Jay after the death of his grandmother.

Uncle Dan and his sister want to take the house off CJay’s hands. Now they took the fight to Izigigaba TV show where he made the damning revelation that they don’t even know if CJay is their blood.

Now DNA tests will be done on C Jay and Uncle Dan to determine if they are related in anyway.

To his shock, the paternity tests will come out with a 99.9% relativity tests showing that Dan is indeed CJays father.

It remains a mystery as to what will happen now that CJay finds out that his newly found arch enemy is his own father.

He could give him the house but the problem is that Uncle Dan has bad intentions about the house he really wants to sell it and open a Tarven.

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