Uzalo: Hlelo finds out she’s Pregnant

The storyline of Hlelo and the young boys of KwaMashu got everyone glued up to their screens.

The tables turned for Hlelo after Sbu found out she was receiving gifts from another man and she had just received a lingerie from Sipho.

Which Sbu thought it was from Calvin then he confronted him and attacked him.

Hlelo was later arrested for sexually abusing 7 young boys from her neighbourhood. Now Hlelo is in prison at first she was stubborn claiming she did nothing wrong, but a visit from Gabisile hit home for her.

According to teasers of Uzalo in December Hlelo will find out that she is pregnant whilst in prison. But now the million dollar question will be, “Who is the father?’

Hlelo will be left confused as to who is the father of her unborn child, could it be Sbu her boyfriend whom she stayed with or it could be one of the young boys she abused.

A lot will change as none of the men in her life will accept to take responsibility. However Sipho who has a soft heart towards Hlelo will decide to give her the benefit of the doubt until the child is born but this will not sit well with MaMadla and his father.

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