Bully Who Tormented Lufuno Takes Her Own Life Amidst Ghostly Haunting

The family of 15-year-old Lufuno Mavhunga, a student in Limpopo, was struggling two years ago with the tragic death of their daughter.

Lufuno sadly overdosed on drugs in April of that year, a few hours after suffering a severe beating during a bullying episode at Mbilwi Secondary school. The attack showed Lufuno receiving multiple slaps; it was recorded on camera and circulated on social media.

The heartbreaking news of Lufuno’s passing shocked the country and brought attention to the problem of bullying in schools.

Her brother, Dakalo Mavhunga, highlighted the effects on their mother’s health as well as the ongoing suffering and harm brought about by her sudden passing. During the holiday season, when Lufuno used to unite the family with her upbeat presence, her absence was most noticed.

Forgiveness was a difficult process even after the family grieved, especially since the family of the girl who had abused Lufuno had not made contact with them. Dakalo conceded that asking for forgiveness sincerely—which, in this instance, hadn’t been done directly to the family—takes time.

The family’s turbulent chapter came to a conclusion on April 17 in Limpopo with Lufuno’s funeral. In relation to the event, a 15-year-old was taken into custody and charged with assault; a court hearing for the case was set for January 2022.

In the present, it has come to light that the girl who tormented Lufuno may have committed suicide. She reportedly saw images of Lufuno’s ghost, which corroborated the story’s unsettling turn. This was reported by SABC news.

The community is currently debating whether to believe in the paranormal and the idea of karma coming full circle in light of the unexplained events. It is said that shortly before she passed away, she confided in her mother that she could hear voices—voices of Lufuno inviting her to come join her.

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