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Another video of a South African prison trends

What's wrong with South African prisons? A new video of a South

indafrica indafrica September 30, 2022

Durban girl pays for taxi with her underwear (WATCH VIDEO)

A taxi driver in KwaZulu-Natal was left confused after a pupil allegedly

indafrica indafrica September 7, 2022

26 year old woman marries her own mother

Mothers are a blessing; they are the kind of individuals who would

indafrica indafrica September 2, 2022

Parents want this teacher fired because of her body, See Pics

Mothers demand that a teacher be fired; they accuse that she is

indafrica indafrica August 22, 2022

Girls in Zimbabwe using cow dung as sanitary pads

Girls in rural Zimbabwe are forced to use cow dung for sanitary

indafrica indafrica July 17, 2022

Video of Limpopo man who died drinking whole bottle of Jagermeister in 2 minutes

A man died at Mashamba Village, in Limpopo, after participating in a

indafrica indafrica July 13, 2022

Witchcraft In Limpopo Funeral, Body Of Dead person Turns Into A Baboon (SEE PIC)

In Limpopo, a horrific incident occurred at a burial. According to reports,

indafrica indafrica July 10, 2022

SEE: Video Of lady without arms and drives her car using legs

Instead of worrying about what she can't do with no hands, a

indafrica indafrica July 4, 2022

Strange: SA Man narrates how he dated a dead Lady for 4yrs & impregnated her

A man claims that he had an unusual romantic relationship with a

indafrica indafrica June 30, 2022

Watch:Elephant kills woman and returns to her funeral to attack her corpse

Bizarre animal stories are heard often, but none are quite like the

indafrica indafrica June 19, 2022

Video Of Joburg slay Queen putting live snake in her mouth

WATCH| Shocking Video Of A Woman Putting A Live Snake Into Her

indafrica indafrica June 13, 2022

Zimbabweans now selling their toes for riches

It’s tough times in Zimbabwe the citizens are facing tough times economically

indafrica indafrica May 31, 2022

Mother puts full body tattoes on 1 year old son

She didn’t expect that posting pictures and videos of her one-year-old son

indafrica indafrica May 24, 2022

VIDEO| Man Turns Into A Cow After Sleeping With A Married Woman

SHOCKING VIDEO| Man Turns Into A Cow After Sleeping With A Married

indafrica indafrica May 11, 2022

SEE: Dead Limpopo man spotted alive in Guateng

A crazy story has reached us from Limpopo over the long weekend,

indafrica indafrica May 7, 2022