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Teddy gets fired from Gomora FM?

It always seem like things are getting better but that's the moment

indafrica indafrica September 22, 2022

14 People die and 23 injured at another tarven in Soweto

At least 14 people have been reportedly shot and killed at a

indafrica indafrica July 10, 2022

Why only was there 19 empty coffins and only 2 Enyobeni Tavern teenagers were burried

Only two of the 21 teemagers were buried after the service but

indafrica indafrica July 8, 2022

PAINFUL: See Mass Funeral for Enyobeni Tavern 21 Victims

EAST LONDON - The funeral service of the 21 young people who

indafrica indafrica July 6, 2022

Police finally reveal the real cause of death of 21 teenagers at Enyobeni Tavern

Some days after devastating news rocked all of South Africa, monitors have

indafrica indafrica July 5, 2022

SEE: Video Of lady without arms and drives her car using legs

Instead of worrying about what she can't do with no hands, a

indafrica indafrica July 4, 2022

Mzansi spots a ‘low budget’ Connie Ferguson at groove

It seems it’s getting out of hand and wild on twitter as

indafrica indafrica July 3, 2022

Body of missing 6 year old boy found but, see what they got

After 20 days of intense search for Khayalethu Magadla his lifeless body

indafrica indafrica July 3, 2022

The Enyobeni tavern owner has finally broken his silence

The Enyobeni tavern owner has seemingly broken his silence.The Enyobeni tavern owner

indafrica indafrica July 2, 2022

South Africa to change alcohol age limit to 21?

Africa Melane chats to Johan du Toit, hospitality law expert at Barnard

indafrica indafrica July 2, 2022

“We were given free alcohol that was already opened when we got there” Enyobeni Survivors Confess

Investigations are still ongoing into the horrific incident that took place at

indafrica indafrica July 1, 2022

Pictures Of Some Of The Teenagers Who Died At Enyoveni Tavern

Enyobeni tarven is owned by Mrs Vuyokazi Ndevu and her husband, they

indafrica indafrica June 30, 2022

Pics of very young teenagers at Enyobeni Tavern

BY Keith Mlauzi Enyobeni Tavern has been the major talking Point of

indafrica indafrica June 29, 2022

Another video show how Enyobeni tavern teenagers badly died

A survivor in the horrific tragedy that claimed21 groovists at a tavern

indafrica indafrica June 28, 2022

“We Were Drinking While Others Were Dying” girl narrates what happened at Enyobeni tavern

The deaths of scores of teenagers at Nyobeni Tavern, Eastern Cape in

indafrica indafrica June 28, 2022