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Zimbabwe declares 12 new Covid-19 deaths previously missed

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 death toll climbed to 53 on Thursday as

indafrica indafrica August 1, 2020

Madagascar Covid cases exceeds 10 000 as cure fails to work

ANTANANARIVO - Ambulance sirens wail almost incessantly, the hospitals are swamped and

indafrica indafrica July 30, 2020

Social Media companies take down Covid-19 cure video

Yesterday we posted an article of American doctor Immanuel saying that Hydroxychloroquine

indafrica indafrica July 29, 2020

Watch: Coronavirus has cure says American Doctors

American Doctors have reveled that the novel Coronavirus has a cure which

indafrica indafrica July 28, 2020

Young girl rapped by Covid-19 patient

A 14-year-old girl has been raped by a coronavirus patient as his

indafrica indafrica July 25, 2020

South Africa being used as a test for Covid-19 vaccine

South Africans could have celebrated too early when it was announced that

indafrica indafrica July 24, 2020

Deputy President David Mabuza Sick At Home

Deputy President David Mabuza is sick at home in Mpumalanga. Even though

indafrica indafrica July 23, 2020

WHO gives update on Covid-19 vaccine development

GENEVA - Researchers are making "good progress" in developing vaccines against COVID-19,

indafrica indafrica July 23, 2020

77-days in hospital: South African woman dances after virus recovery

A South African woman danced out of a hospital in the Western

indafrica indafrica July 23, 2020

195 people die as Covid-19 cases increase beyond control

JOHANNESBURG - One hundred and ninety-five more people have died in South

indafrica indafrica July 22, 2020

South African woman reinfected after recovering from Covid-19

DURBAN - A Durban woman has been reinfected with COVID-19. She tested

indafrica indafrica July 22, 2020

People more likely to contract COVID-19 at home: study

SEOUL - South Korean epidemiologists have found that people were more likely

indafrica indafrica July 21, 2020

South African government lying about Covid-19 deaths?

What's what? It seems Covid-19 deaths might be more than what the

indafrica indafrica July 21, 2020

Watch Video: South Africa fast become world’s Covid-19 epicenter

South Africa has risen to the fifth position on the global COVID-19

indafrica indafrica July 20, 2020

Africa records 700 000 Covid-19 cases

Africa’s case load has crossed the 700,000 mark as of today. Half

indafrica indafrica July 20, 2020