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USA threatens to permanently stop funding WHO

(Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump threatened on Monday to permanently halt

indafrica indafrica May 20, 2020

‘WHO offered $20M bribe to poison Madagascar’s Covid-19 cure’

In a shocking development the President of Madagascar has made a sensational

indafrica indafrica May 16, 2020

29 killed in Afghanistan funeral suicide bomb and hospital attack

At least 15 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in

indafrica indafrica May 12, 2020

Hong Kong protests resumes

Small protests have erupted in Hong Kong as hundreds of people gathered

indafrica indafrica May 10, 2020

Obama attacks Trump

WASHINGTON - Former President Barack Obama described President Donald Trump’s handling of

indafrica indafrica May 10, 2020

Bundesliga to resume

The Bundesliga in Germany is set to become Europe's first major football

indafrica indafrica May 6, 2020

Watch video:Girlfriend of news anchor walks naked into live broadcast

This journalist gave viewers a little bit more than they expected during

indafrica indafrica May 6, 2020

Russia records over 10 000 cases of Coronavirus in single day

Russia reported a record number of new coronavirus cases for the fourth

indafrica indafrica May 4, 2020

Kim Jong Un really dead ?

Several sources have reported that North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un

indafrica indafrica April 26, 2020

Kanye West makes a Billion… Insists he’s worth more

He's got the big Bill ! Its official Kanye West is now

indafrica indafrica April 25, 2020