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South Africa to change alcohol age limit to 21?

Africa Melane chats to Johan du Toit, hospitality law expert at Barnard

indafrica indafrica July 2, 2022

Generations Prediction: Sphesihle lands in jail

After getting rid of Winston Dr Sphesihle Cele is in panic mode

indafrica indafrica June 27, 2022

Scandal Predictions: Jojo falls in love and marry Dintle

Although his marriage seems to be going just fine, the truth about

indafrica indafrica June 22, 2022

Another Pregnancy scandal on House of Zwide… SEE WHO

Another Pregnancy scandal is probably brewing on House of Zwide and this

indafrica indafrica May 4, 2022

Popular Sangoma reveals South Africa’s next President

Sometimes, prophecy doesn’t always happen as it’s said because some just decided

indafrica indafrica November 25, 2021

#Scandal: Fans want Zenzele dead

This shows that this boy is good at what he is doing,

indafrica indafrica November 19, 2021

#Generations: See who killed Siyanda

The last episode of Generations: The Legacy on Friday night left fans

indafrica indafrica October 30, 2021

Skeem Saam: Leeto and Mapitsi start dating

SkeemSaam on Twitter is predicting a steamy affair between Tbose’s older brother,

indafrica indafrica October 21, 2021

Prince Kaybee drops “The Truth” About the Death of Mpura and Killer Kau

The country has been in mourning for the past day after they

indafrica indafrica August 10, 2021

See the meaning of flying in your dreams

So many people always wake up with questions on what their dreams

indafrica indafrica June 11, 2021

MORE: Inside AKA and Nellie’s toxic relationship… New evidence & Denial

It was billed as one of the most highly anticipated weddings in

indafrica indafrica May 11, 2021

Prison break at Chikurubi, Mamombe escapes prison?

In the past week there has been a serious talk about how

indafrica indafrica April 25, 2021

Vaccine at state house?

Once again in a desperate move to cause anarchy and pandemonium in

indafrica indafrica January 24, 2021

All hope lost for South African women as GBV escalates

South Africa has fast become one of the most unsafe places for

indafrica indafrica August 19, 2020

Ramaphosa sold Africa to Gates vaccine ?

The worry of most Africans now is what’s next for them if

indafrica indafrica July 6, 2020