Africa records more than 20 000 Covid-19 cases

Africa has comfirmed over 20 000 cases of Coronavirus 24 hours after recording over 1000 deaths related to the virus. Egypt remains to be the country with most positive cases

indafrica indafrica April 19, 2020

Lesotho Prime Minister deploys army to deal with citizens

Prime Minister of Lesotho Tom Thabane has deployed the military into the streets to deal with citizens. This exercise comes after the Constitutional court had ruled that his decision to

indafrica indafrica April 18, 2020

Man kills brother for bedding mom

Kenyan man has been arrested after he arrested on murder charges after he assaulted his brother for having sex with their biological mother. 36-year-old Evans Nyachuba of Nyamari village caught

indafrica indafrica April 18, 2020

Kenya suspends payment of rentals

Good news for Kenyans as the Landlords and Tenants Association (LATAK) has pass out a directive that due to the impact of Covid-19 all tenants should stop paying rentals till

indafrica indafrica April 18, 2020

More people killed by security forces than by Coronavirus in Nigeria

At least 18 people have died in the hands of Nigerian security forces during the period of lockdown in some parts of the country. Human rights group that received evidence

indafrica indafrica April 18, 2020

Two men arrested for ‘spreading’ Coronavirus

Two men including a member of a terrorist Jihadist network have been arrested in Tunisia over suspicions that they were on a mission to infect security forces with the coronavirus.

indafrica indafrica April 18, 2020

High Court of Malawi rules out national lockdown

The High Court of Malawi has ruled out a 21-day Lockdown which was being planned by government to curb the spread of Coronavirus. This follows a petition submitted to the

indafrica indafrica April 18, 2020

South Africa scrapping school holidays

South Africa's Ministry of Basic education is contemplating on scrapping off the school holidays to recover from lost time thats has affected the 2020 academic year. Due to the outbreak

indafrica indafrica April 17, 2020

Congo records case of Ebola three days before declaring end of outbreak

DR Congo has recorded a fresh case of the Ebola virus just three days before the country declares an end to the virus outbreak. The new case has been found

indafrica indafrica April 17, 2020